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Peer Support Services

Assessment Services

Initial assessments for the service include questions from the Quality of Life Assessment, Strengths Assessment, and Peer Support Survey.  These assessments are performed by the Certified Peer
Specialist (CPS), who is trained to work on recovery goals with adults who have a dual diagnosis. The service is only available for people who are 18 years old or older.

Individual Coaching

A Certified Peer Specialist is a person with lived experience, who has a mental health challenge or dual diagnosis.  They work with an individual to foster their independence, without doing for them.  The CPS and the individual create a goal plan, based on the Life Domains in the Person Centered Planning model that will help the individual become more independent.  The goals are specific to what the individual needs at that time.  The role of the CPS is to provide support and empowerment to the individual, so that in time, eventually they can build and use their own natural supports and empower themselves to continue to be independent.

Peer Nights

Peer Nights are social activities that occur once a month.  They typically run for two hours and can encompass everything from a movie night to a bingo game.  Everyone, not only peers in the Peer Support Program, can and are encouraged to attend.  The Peer Nights are a great opportunity for peers to interact with each other and build social and relationship skills.  They are also open to family members and friends.

Peer Groups

Peer groups are educational platforms for people to learn basic living, education, career, and social skills.  They run once every week and cover topics, such as learning how to create an email and use the internet wisely, learning how to cook, learning how to take public transportation, learning how to maintain a healthy life through diet and exercise, etc.  They are open to individuals who receive services at Indian Creek, whether or not they are enrolled in the Peer Support Program.


For more information on the services provided and the intake process, please contact Peer Support Services at 267-203-1500