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Behavioral Health Services

Indian Creek Foundation's Behavioral Health Services division provides behavioral health supports to children and adults, who have an intellectual or developmental disability and mental health challenges.

Home and community based supports incorporate the use of positive approaches, relationship development, skill building and environmental adaptations to promote positive behaviors. Medication management and psychotherapy promote recovery and symptom management.

Services include: Intake/ Extended Assessment, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services- Wraparound (BHRS), the Outpatient Mental Health Center, Therapeutic After School Program (TASP), Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP), Behavior Support and Social Skills Program.

For more information, contact the BHS Director at (267) 203-1500 ext 110.

Holistic, child-centered and family-focused services are provided to children and adolescents in the least restrictive setting possible. Services utilize a team approach where the family, community members and professional staff work through issues to establish a strengths-based, comprehensive treatment plan based on behavioral needs and medical necessity.

After being referred to the BHS program, the intake clinician will conduct an assessment to gather an individual’s history and behavioral information in order to assess strengths and needs. Post assessment, a licensed psychologist will review the information and recommend the next step in the referral process.

Our psychiatrists and clinicians specialize in working with children and adults who have a dual diagnosis of a mental health challenge and a developmental disability.  Creative therapeutic approaches and recovery focused treatment are provided in a trauma informed setting.  Available services include Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy and Medication Management.


Assessment Services

Initial assessment for the program includes a full bio psychosocial assessment. Other available assessments include comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, psychological evaluation and IQ testing. The comprehensive assessments are performed by licensed clinicians, who are trained in the unique needs of children and adults, who have a dual diagnosis.

The Therapeutic After School Program provides children ages 5- 14, with an Autism Spectrum Disorder a structured environment and the opportunity to build upon their strengths as they become active members of their communities. The program’s goal is to use a child-centered, strength-based approaches to prepare them to transition into a typical community setting. TASP also offers social activities and interactions in the community that assist children in developing a network of peers.

The Summer Therapeutic Activities Program, designed for children with an Autism diagnosis ages 5-14, is an interactive therapeutic environment that provides qualified clinical staff to work with each child on behavioral goals and social skills in a recreational setting. Opportunities for inclusion vary and include community outings.

For more information contact the STAP coordinator at (267) 203-1500 ext. 139

Assessment Services

Initial assessments for the service include questions from the Quality of Life Assessment, Strengths Assessment, and Peer Support Survey.  These assessments are performed by the Certified Peer
Specialist (CPS), who is trained to work on recovery goals with adults who have a dual diagnosis. The service is only available for people who are 18 years old or older.