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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding applying for a career with Indian Creek Foundation:


Q:  I haven’t had my driver’s license for the last 3 years; will that prohibit me from employment?

A:  No, we will gauge your motor vehicle history based off of the length of time you had your driver’s license.


Q: What is a professional reference?

A:  A professional reference is someone who has a professional relationship with you, for example: a past or present supervisor, a past or present co-worker, a volunteer supervisor, a teacher/professor, etc.


Q:  I did not list any professional references on my online application; will that eliminate me from consideration?

A:  No, if invited in for an interview, you will be asked to bring 3 professional references at that time. 


Q: Does Indian Creek Foundation ever hire Temporary or Seasonal employees?

A: Yes, on occasion the Foundation does hire temporary or seasonal employees. When available, those opportunities are posted on our website. 


Q: Do you ever hire Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)?

A: Yes, Indian Creek Foundation has a number of CNA employees. This is a great certification to have, however it is not a requirement.


Q:  If I am hired, what background checks are required?

A:  Indian Creek Foundation requires a Motor Vehicle Background check (MVR), PA Criminal Background check, FBI Finger Print Background check (not applicable for all positions), PA Child Abuse Clearance (not applicable for all positions), Physical Exam (not applicable for all positions), General Services Adminstration (GSA), Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Medicheck through the Department of Public Welfare and a Drug Screen.  These background  are ran and paid for by Indian Creek Foundation, so no out of pocket expense is accrued on the new hire.


Q:  I have a criminal history; will that prohibit me from employment?

A:  In the past, Indian Creek Foundation has been able to hire individuals with a criminal history; however we must adhere to a guideline of Prohibitive Offenses Contained in Act 169. The list of prohibitive offenses can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s website:


Q:  I submitted an application for employment about 6 months ago, do I need to reapply?

A:  Indian Creek Foundation keeps employment applications on file for 2 years. Another application may be completed, if your employment history has changed.


Q:  What happens if I have mailed, emailed or faxed in a resume?

A:  Resume submission is an appropriate way of applying for a career with Indian Creek Foundation; unless noted otherwise. All positions require the completion of an employment application. Our HR recruiter will contact you directly if additional information is needed. 


Q:  If I have applied for a job opening using your online application, should I also send my resume to you via mail or fax?

A:  Having a copy of your resume may provide additional information outside of what is listed on our online application; however, it is not necessary. Applying online is the best way to be considered for a position with Indian Creek Foundation. Please note that you may upload your resume and cover letter at the end of the online application.


Q:  If I've applied for a job opening, how long will it be before I know if I've been selected for an interview?

A:  You will receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted. The most qualified candidates for the position will be contacted within 7-14 business days from application submission. Candidates will also be contacted via email advising them if another candidate is a closer match to the job requirements.


Q:  Do I need to apply separately for each position I'm interested in?

A:  No, our online application allows you to list more than one position you would like to be considered for.


Q:  I'm interested in learning how I would fit into your organization. Can I make an appointment for an informational interview?

A:  With current workloads, the Foundation is unable to accommodate informational interviews at this time. You are encouraged to review Indian Creek Foundation’s website, for more information the company and the culture.


Q:  Do you ever have entry-level positions?

A:  Yes. There are several positions hired for on an on-going basis that do not require experience. You will be provided with all the training necessary to succeed in the position.


Q:  Do you have internship opportunities?

A:  Yes, occasionally internships are available. When available, the opportunities are posted on our website or at specific colleges and universities.


 Q:  Do you offer relocation services to candidates?

A:  No, Indian Creek Foundation does not pay for relocation expenses.


Q:  How do I know that you have received my application?

A:  You will receive an email advising that your application has been successfully submitted.


Q:  Do you ever offer full-time work for hourly positions?

A:  Yes, throughout our many divisions full time positions are often available. Selection for these positions is based on work experience and performance.


Q:  I keep applying, why am I not contacted?

A:  We receive a high volume of applications for all positions and the recruiter is not able to contact all applicants. It is a very competitive process and only the most qualified candidates for the position will be contacted. If you are interested in Indian Creek Foundation but do not have qualifications that closely align with the job qualifications please consider starting in one of our entry level positions.


Q:  Do I need a cover letter?

A:  While we do not require a cover letter, we strongly recommend including one with your application.


Q:  Do you have any tips on interviewing at INDIAN CREEK FOUNDATION?

A:  Yes. The following information should help you prepare for your interview.

  •  Do research. Learn about the position and about Indian Creek Foundation before the interview. Read the job posting and other information about the company available on our website. Indian Creek Foundation is very community based; try talking to family, friends and acquaintances-you may find someone who knows about the agency.
  •  Know yourself. Evaluate your skills and interests and know your career goals. Be prepared to discuss your strengths, as well as areas for improvement. Be prepared to discuss your salary requirements in your initial interview.
  •  Be specific. During the interview, use specific examples from previous experience that demonstrates you have the required skills for the job.
  •  Convey enthusiasm. We want to hire someone who wants to do the job. Communicate your interest and excitement about the job and the company.
  •  Dress appropriately. We are a business casual environment. There is no need for a suit and/or tie, unless you're most comfortable in such attire.


Questions to ask yourself if you haven’t heard from Indian Creek Foundation:

  •  Is my application complete and accurate?
  •  Do my qualifications closely align with the qualifications specified for the job?