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Our History


For 40 years, Indian Creek Foundation has served Bucks and Montgomery area children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Throughout the years, the Foundation has become a premier non-profit organization impacting lives in more ways than you may realize.

Although it wasn't incorporated until 1975, the Foundation's roots trace back to 1958, when a boy with a developmental disability was born to a local family. It was important to them that their son would have a place to live and work when they were no longer able to care for him; they turned to the community for help with their quest. At about the same time, the Franconia Mennonite Conference established a committee as part of their mission entitled "Indian Creek Haven". The purpose of this mission was to provide outreach services to people living in the community with a developmental disability. It was this combination of one family's search for answers and the Franconia Mennonite Conference's mission that began the development of the organization that today touches more than 1200 lives in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

The connection to Mennonite churches in the area helped Indian Creek Foundation carve out a set of values that serve as guiding principles for the work being performed. Values such as compassion, mutual respect and meaningful relationships are the building blocks of the Foundation's Philosophy of Care. This philosophy, which is instilled in each employee, is the essence of what happens at the Foundation each day.

Today, the Foundation continues to be guided by the core values that were developed 40 years ago. Though service delivery methods have changed over time one thing remains true, the Foundation is dedicated to the people it provides services for. With an ever-growing staff, a committed Board of Directors and the support of the community, the Foundation is poised to impact even more lives. From residential services to recreational activities to employment services and services within the family home, Indian Creek Foundation remains steadfast in its mission and focused on its future goals.